I haven’t done much bicycling lately. “Lately” meaning for several months — my last real ride was this one. I’ve been having trouble dragging myself out into the heat and haven’t been able to get up early enough on the weekends to ride while it’s relatively cooler. I’m getting lazy.

Late Friday evening, I signed up for the Arizona MS150, a 150 mile charity bicycle ride for the National MS Society. It’s scheduled for the second weekend in November so I should have just enough time to get back into okay riding shape. This will be the sixth year I’ll have participated — hopefully, it’ll be enough incentive to actually get out and ride.

Yesterday I took my youngest, Zach, out for a short ride. We loaded the bikes and drove over to a nearby section of desert — mostly flat and few rocks. He was enjoying the ride until he crashed and banged up his arm on the ground. Nothing broken, no swelling or redness, but he was hurting. We called the rest of the ride and went home. Hopefully he had more fun that not and will be interested in riding again another weekend.

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