I finally got off my duff and went riding. This is the first time I’ve gone out to do any real riding since May. I wasn’t as concerned about milage this morning as much as just getting out and spinning for a while — I do need to start training every weekend though if I’m going to be ready for the MS150 just a few short weeks away.

While riding, I came to the conclusion that bicycling is a lot like finances. The fun parts — down-hills — must be paid for with up-hills. It’s your choice to pay for them in advance or afterwards, but there’s no getting around having to make that payment. The gear you choose to climb with is similar to installment payment plans: either large payments with a short duration, or smaller payments and longer time spent climbing. Your fitness level is like a bank account: paying for down-hills is much easier when the balance is high …

… that sounded so much better when it popped into my head an hour ago while I was still on the bike.

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