Scouting a Path to Mesa

Okay, I admit it. I’m a wimp. I’m getting sent to a class in Mesa in about two weeks. I got a couple of maps a few weeks ago, planned my route down, and rode it today to see if it was, in fact, ridable. I also wanted to see what bicycle facilities might be available once I got there. From my maps, I figured it would be about 30 miles, one way, with about a third of it along the canal banks.

My first problem was when switching from the Arizona Canal to the Cross-cut Canal. Both have names on my maps, but are not signed or otherwise designated along their banks. I passed the intersection twice before I realized what/where it was. I also got lost once in Tempe after leaving the canal system. This wasn’t too bad and was easy to figure out but was a gross waste of time. I eventually found MCC and the YMCA and headed back — after a short stop at KZZP to pick up a “looooser” pack I won a week ago.

Unfortunately, I was baked after riding only half-way back, and the remaining miles were absolute torture. In all, I was off by only three miles: 33 miles, two and a half hours one way — we won’t discuss the other way (grin). I think that with the 6-8 hour class between directions that I could probably make it. Not sure if I can do it daily, but I’ll give it a shot and try it that Monday morning.

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