Sheep Bridge

We decided to ride somewhere different today. I recently discovered an old (January 16, 2003) article, in the Arizona Republic’s Travel Guide, about Sheep Bridge, an historic bridge spanning the Verde River several miles north of Horseshoe Dam. The article describes the 27 mile, round trip, bicycle ride to the bridge and how to get to the starting point at the dam.

A note of caution: The article describes the road to Horseshoe dam as “… unpaved … easily passable to family sedans.” It may be “passable” but the wash-boarding is terrible! We drove slowly, but by the time we got to the trail head at the dam, one of my mirrors had shaken loose from the truck due to the constant vibration.

It was a good route, but it was definately too late in the year for this one. We started riding at 8am and made it to the bridge by about 10. But the Summer heat was just getting started, which made the ride back much, much harder. When we got back to the truck, at about 1-1:30pm, the temperature was already over 100 degrees. This is one ride that should be done in early Spring or late Fall.

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