Own a Piece of the Moon

Excerpt from “Property sales out of this world” by Ed Vogel on Review-Journal:

Motorists traveling through this community along U.S. Highway 395 sometimes stop at an attractive-looking office building and inquire about the nature of the business.

A sign outside denotes this as the “Lunar Embassy.”

“They ask if it is a real estate office,” owner Dennis Hope says. “It is. It is just not for properties on Earth.”

Hope, 55, is the celestial executive officer and self-described “head cheese” of the Lunar Embassy.

He has claimed ownership of the moon and all planets other than Earth since 1980.

For $19.99, along with a $1.51 lunar tax, you, too, can buy an acre on the moon or Mars. Hope even will send you a deed. If you don’t like it, he gives a 30-day, money-back guarantee.

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