Scam offers Tech “Support” by Phone

There is a very short article at MercuryNews by Jennifer Squires of the Santa Cruz Sentinel discussing a growing trend of people receiving scam calls by a purported tech support specialist from Microsoft (or some other large computer company) that offer’s tech support via phone.  However, when people follow their instructions, instead of fixing their computer, they unknowingly end up installing a remote access program that allows the scammer to gain compete remote control of their computer. 

The article discusses an example of someone receiving one of these scam calls, that its’ a growing trend, and that the scammers will sometimes ask for payment for their “service.”

Then she wraps it up with:

People can add themselves to the Federal Trade Commission Do Not Call registry to prevent phone solicitation by calling 888-382-1222.

I’m sorry, but that seems a bit detached from reality.  If someone is going to call you and try to scam you out of something, be it money or the security of your computer, they are NOT going to be concerned, one iota, whether or not your phone number is listed at the FTC’s Do Not Call registry.

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