Twitter Weekly Updates for 08/06/2010

  • Science Fiction and Fantasy Themed Sand Sculptures {my favorite is the sand serpent, 5th one from the top} ->
  • A light, drizzling, morning rain, a cup of coffee, and our back porch. On a Saturday. Does get any better than this? ->
  • Zzyzx: Weird Name, Weirder Town Out of the way for our semi-annual Phoenix/LA trip, but might be an interesting side trip ->
  • The Triceratops Never Existed scientists now believe they were actually Torosaurus young, which transformed as they aged. ->
  • Do Cat Families Have a Hierarchical Structure? … Uh, yeah. Duh!?! ->
  • Nasa scientists braced for 'solar tsunami' to hit earth likely to spark spectacular displays of northern/southern lights. ->
  • Ant Colony Living in Scanner Recorded Over 5 Years watching the construction & remodeling of an ant colony is fascinating ->
  • If we can stop the physical deterioration that comes with age no reason why human beings couldn't live to be 1,000. ->
  • An infographic comparison of books vs e-books {Does one have to win?} ->
  • Angela talked with author, violinist, and screen play writer Paula Yoo via Skype about #writing, #eureka, and trolls! ->

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