Invoked by Sound

The damage is evident in the light, but surprisingly everything appears to be functional.  No double vision, no dead spots.  It happened in a dim parking lot a few days ago — I think I’ve pretty much come to terms with it, now.  Still, it’s terrible.  The feeling invoked by sound.  Glass breaking long seconds after you felt the phone slip from your fingertips.

Habitable exoplanets are bad news for humanity

I had never heard of the Great Filter. Apparently, as the theory goes, since there are a statistically large number of habitable planets in our galaxy, it is statistically aberrant that we have not heard from or been visited by other space-capable species. That there must be a reason for this that either prevents intelligent beings from reaching the point were interstellar travel is possible, or or that something prevents them from evolving much beyond that … perhaps some self-cause catastrophe.

This article very briefly discusses the Great Filter … just enough to leave me wanting to learn more.

The Most Dangerous Mushroom Is Spreading. Here’s How to Treat Poisoning.

Originating in Europe, Death Cap mushroom has become an invasive species on every continent, except Antarctica. Those who mistakenly eat these deadly mushrooms don’t exhibit symptoms until 6 to 24 hours later which can cause them to be misdiagnosed as something more benign, but without prompt and proper treatment, victims will experience rapid organ failure, coma, and death. Worst yet, patients have said that they smell good and were the most delicious mushrooms they had ever eaten.

Yahoo confirms theft of 450K unencrypted passwords:…

Yahoo confirms theft of 450K unencrypted! claims that only 5% of the 450,000 stolen account names had valid passwords.  But that’s still 22,500 more accounts than I’m comfortable with … especially since they say approximately 100,000 of the 450K accounts included Gmail addresses and more than 55,000 contained Hotmail addresses.Although the article doesn’t specifically rule it out, I’m concerned other Yahoo properties too, like Yahoo Groups — especially if you happen to use the same account-name for both Yahoo! and Yahoo Groups.My suggestion is, if you have a Yahoo Groups or other Yahoo! property account, that you change the password as soon as you can — this goes double if you have an actual Yahoo! account.  Also, if you happened to use the same password for Yahoo! as you do for your email account, change your email password too!Better safe, than sorry.
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