Always Wear Shoes

I realize that I’m occasional guilty of it myself, but I’m constantly telling the boys they should not go into the garage barefoot. They pay me lip service and go get shoes, but I know they’re not convinced because we go through it again the next time.

But today, I found this little critter while moving things around out there and took the opportunity to show him off to both of them, as well as to explain that at only two inches long, it would have been rather toxic to get stung by it.

This is not the first time we’ve found a scorpion. Shortly after we moved in, one of the cats cornered and killed one in our bedroom and, another time, one near the back door. But we haven’t seen any since.

When I showed this scorpion to the boys, they each made brief sounds of acknowledgment and understanding. But, somehow, I don’t think it really sunk it. I’m fairly certain that finding it had a far greater impact on their mother and I. But I’ll remind them about it every time they head out to the garage in bare feet.

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