How to get Facebook Events on your Android or Google Calendar

How to get Facebook Events on your Android or Google Calendar. I admit it, I basically live and die by the calendar on my Android phone. Appointments, meetings, scheduled conference calls, events … if they don’t get entered onto the calendar, there is definitely a chance that I’ll miss them. It’s the same with invites I accept to Facebook Events, such as Janni Simner’s and Bill Konigsberg’s recent book launches, I manually transfered the Events to my calendar to ensure I wouldn’t miss them.

There had to be a better way.

So after a bit of research, I found out how to have these events added automatically when I accept them.

First, from your Facebook New Feed, click on the Events link listed under Favorites on the left-hand column. Then, on Upcoming Events page, click the settings gear on the [Today] button in the upper-right corner of the page and select Export.

You should get a small pop-up window. This window has two links in the text. Using your mouse’s right-button, right-click on the “upcoming events” link and, depending on your browser, select either “Copy Link Location,” “Copy Link Address,” or “Copy shortcut” to copy the address the link points to into your cut/paste buffer.

Now, go log onto Google Calendar and near the bottom of the left-hand column, click on the small down-arrow next to Other calendars and select Add by URL. Then paste the address from the cut/paste buffer into the URL field and click the [Add Calendar] button.

Your Facebook Events calendar should now be listed under Other calendars.

Keep in mind that Facebook/Google apparently only update once a day, so your Facebook events many not immediately appear on your Google/Android calendar. Be patient, they’ll eventually get there. Also, I noticed that past events tend to disappear, but since this is just to ensure I get there on time, that’s not been much of a problem.

In case the above was somewhat confusing, I’ve created a quick demo video of what I’m talking about. You can find that here:

Let me know if you found this helpful.

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