Mile High Madness

Rode in Mile High Madness at Payson. This was 30 miles of fire roads through cool pines and the high desert with a couple of river crossings thrown in. The first ten miles included a moderate climb and an excellent downhill run, dropping 1500 feet, from Marysvill Hill to Doll Baby Ranch at the bottom of the East Verde River Canyon. We paid for this fun during the next ten miles: rocky and semi-steep climbs, gaining 1200 feet, to Crackerjack Mine. The last leg of the ride included brief, but fun, downhill, dropping 200 feet, to the East Verde River Crossing and a moderate climb, regaining 500 feet.

In all, I didn’t ride any where near as good as I had hoped to, but much better than I thought I would. We were told the average rider would take five hours to complete the course. I came in at just over six. I definitely have a goal for next year!

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