Murphy Strikes Again!

Angela had scheduled an Internet Chat last night with Brent Hartinger, author of Geography Club, for a Q&A session with other Arizona children’s writers. Unfortunately, just as we were getting started, our domain “disappeared” from the internet. People attempting to connect to the web-server were presented with a “Domain name does not exist” message.

After some investigation, I found that the entire PHOENIX.AZ.US Locality was inaccessable — including public libraries, schools, and some government web-sites.

Apparently there was a typo in a system change implemented on one of the delegate DNS servers last night that prevented the server from recognizing anything in the PHOENIX.AZ.US locality.

The Systems Administrators were quite happy to fix it this morning, once it was brought to their attention, but that didn’t help with last night’s Chat.

Obviously, it’s getting rescheduled.

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