My first Moleskine Notebook

For some time now, I’ve been in the habit of using a sticky-note pad for keeping notes at my desk.  When I get a call or need to jot down an idea, I just write it on the sticky-note.  Once the note was full, I’d peal it off and stick it to a growing stack of sticky-notes on the corner of my desk where it could be referred to later.  Unfortunately, this methodology has gotten rather unwieldy; the pile of notes were slowly taking over my desk and I couldn’t have them with me if I was working anywhere else.  So I decided to get a notebook.

moleskine3.JPGAlthough I could have used just about any kind of notebook, I felt this would be an ideal excuse to get a Moleskine notebook.  I’ve been looking at them for years.  Every time we’d go to a book store, I would inevitably find myself in front of the Moleskine display, carefully selecting and looking through them, but never purchasing one.  Not only are they a bit on the pricey side, but I never really had a need for one and it would have been a shameful waste of a high quality notebook.  So, having finally found a need, I ordered a couple from a popular online retailer.

They arrived last week, but spent the rest of the week sitting on my desk.  They came individually wrapped in cellophane and I just couldn’t bring myself to tear one open.  On Monday, I finally talked myself into unwrapping one and carefully explored it — my Moleskines have an oilcloth cover, an elastic closure, a ribbon place-holder, and a small expandable pocket inside the back cover.  All of it’s lightly ruled pages were pristine and empty.

It was Wednesday afternoon before I could finally bring myself to soil the first page with my hand-writing.

Now, however, I’ve sorted through the stack of sticky notes, recording those that still have value in my notebook, and have disposed of them all.  Sticky-note Corner is gone — it’s place is now reserved for my notebook while I’m at my desk.

I’m still using sticky-notes, but only to jot a quick note while on the phone.  Anything important is now immediately transcribed into my notebook and scratched off the sticky-note which, when finally filled up, is now simply tossed out.

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