Raining Frog Eggs

Excerpt from “Frog eggs fall from the sky onto home in Berlin” by Kathryn Masterson on NewsDay.com:

In a scene that sounds more biblical than plausible, masses of amphibian eggs rained down on Primo D’Agata’s porch last month as the remnants of Hurricane Isabel moved through the state.

At first, D’Agata thought the thumping noise he and his wife heard on the back deck Sept. 19 was hail. But when he went outside to take a look, D’Agata discovered tiny, gelatinous eggs with dark spots in the middle.

. . .

Biologists from nearby Central Connecticut State University say the eggs are likely from frogs. And because no frogs in Connecticut lay eggs this late in the year, scientists and naturalists speculate they may have come up from North Carolina or another warm location on the winds of Isabel.

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