SCBWI Conference – Mad Hatter’s Ball

Last night was the SCBWI Mad Hatter’s Ball. People were dressed in a wide array of hats. Some were store-bought, like the jester’s hat I wore, some where hand-made, like the White Rabbit hat carved from styrofoam. But the majority of hats were made on-site with the help of the Rad Hatter. The most interesting thing about the Rad Hatter’s hats are that they are all made from paper sacks. Grocery sacks. But they all looked wonderful. Angela wore her Tea-cup and Dorm-Mouse hat she created last week (picture to be posted later).

She and her hat were a big hit. At the hat judging contest, she won “Maddest Hat,” which the Rad Hatter told her later was the best of all the categories since it was, after all, the theme of the party.

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