Young Blood as Cure for Aging?

Scientists at the University of Cambridge have recently discovered that blood from younger mice can help cure, or remove, the damage caused by multiple sclerosis and other diseases and age related issues.  This is apparently accomplished, partially, because the younger blood cleans out pathogens and debris that builds up over time.  I am probably way over-simplifying this, but, if true, it does seem rather remarkable. 

But it also leaves me feeling a bit uncomfortable as well.  It reminds me too much of the science fiction or thriller senario where some very old individual (a witch, wizard, alien, or ancient relic of humanity) attempts to stay young and live forever by consuming the life-force, or essence, of the young.  This may sound too far-fetched to be concerned with, but it is what Countess Elizabeth Báthory was attempting to do in the early 1600’s when she began bathing in the blood of virgin girls.


Link: NEWSCIENTIST — MS damage washed away by stream of young blood
Link: WIKIPEDIA — Elizabeth Báthory

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