At the Phoenix Zoo

Ang’ and I went to the Phoenix Zoo, where she met with one of her illustrator friends and had a short visit with one of her Zoo friends.

There are a few new walk-in enclosures since we were there last. In one, these Ibis came right up to us…

Ibis' at the Phoenix Zoo

…before sparring with each other using those long beaks.

Ibis' at the Phoenix Zoo

There is also an enclosure with Squirrel Monkeys.

Phoenix Zoo Squirrel Monkey

Upon leaving the enclosure, we were cautioned to wash our hands. The monkeys like to mark everything in it, including hand-rails and door handles.

Phoenix Zoo Squirrel Monkey

But it was fun to watch them play leap-frog over each other as the climbed across the tight-rope.

Although we think we walked the whole circuit, I’m sure there are animals we missed, some because they were sleeping, some because the exhibit was closed. And even though it was a relatively cool day, the it was still rather intense in the sunlight.

We’ve decided that we’ll have to go back, probably in January.

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