People keep talking about how the economy has gone to hell in a hand-basket. That we’re in the middle of a mild depression — although, from the sounds some people are making, you’d think we were nearly in another Great Depression. The cost of living is too high, the job market is non-existant, and everyone is struggling to put food on the table.

I don’t buy it.

From my observation, things haven’t changed much in the last couple of years. Oh, sure, the high-tech industry has had some set-backs and the stock market is returning to normal after the false high it reached from the likes of Enron and Worldcom cooking their books. But there seem to be plenty of non-tech jobs out there. Especially construction. You can’t drive anywhere in Phoenix without seeing a new building or house under construction. In fact, they’re building entire housing developements such as Anthem and Tramonto as fast as they possibly can. This isn’t low-cost housing either. Most of them are luxury homes.

Developers wouldn’t be building as fast as they are if they weren’t selling. If people are buying high-cost houses as fast as they are, then smaller, lower-cost, houses are selling as well. Apparently, at a increasingly phenominal rate. This couldn’t happen if the economy were really as bad as constantly reported.

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