Tuesday Night is Best for watching the 2014 Perseids Meteor Shower

The annual Perseids meteor shower is going on now.  Right now.  It will be at it’s most spectacular on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.

perseidsThe Perseids are a meteor shower that radiates, or appears to originate, from a position below Polaris and Cassiopeia, just below the Double Cluster and should be visible from just about anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere.  Although you should be able to see them all night long, they likely be most visible during the wee hours of the morning as that’s when this seciton of the sky has rotated farther up, allowing us to see the entire meteor show.  Those of us in the southern states, should have a much easier time viewing them.  Provided, of course, that there isn’t any cloud cover in our way.

2014-Aug-11-18-ForecastUnfortunately for us in Phoenix, this means we probably won’t be able to see them this year since rain is forecast for Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning.

So you’ll have to tell me how spectacular the show was.

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