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  • Fiat Chrysler Recalls 1.4 Million Vehicles to Defend Against Hacks ->
  • Four-legged snake fossil stuns scientists—and ignites controversy ->
  • Voyager’s Golden Record For Aliens Now Available On SoundCloud ->
  • Scientists Confirm 'Impossible' EM Drive Propulsion ->
  • San Francisco techies are hiring this Wiccan witch to protect their computers from viruses and offices from evil s… ->
  • Residents want Eden Prairie to allow backyard chickens ->
  • Something to cluck about: Backyard birds safer, cheaper for egg eaters ->
  • Commissioners preliminarily approve chicken ordinance ->

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  • Asteroid Mining Company's 1st Satellite Launches from Space Station ->
  • For fourth time in history, space station crew forced to hide from space junk ->
  • Crazy for cluckers: Look who's living in N.J. backyards ->
  • Ban on backyard chickens might soon be lifted in Grand Haven, officials say ->
  • Elder Tree Farm Lets You Try Backyard Chickens Before You Buy ->
  • NASA spies Earth-sized exoplanet orbiting Sun-like star ->
  • Smithsonian Takes a Giant Step with Its First Kickstarter Campaign to Fund the Conservation of Neil Armstrong's Sp… ->
  • Stephen Hawking and Russian tycoon Yuri Milner kick off new search for E.T. ->
  • Bee population rising around the world ->

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